Police warn of "fake" terror alert

Police have warned the public against falling victim of a fake terror alert message circulating on social media platforms.

Addressing journalists on Monday, Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said they have not issued any terror alert in the wake of the attack in Nairobi last week, asking the public to disregard the purpoted terror alert.

“We have noted with serious  concern falsified terror alerts warning of a terror attack two weeks from the Nairobi attack.We want to disregard such fake terror alerts which are meant to give publicity and credit to terrorists. The country has no specific threats,”Enanga said on Monday morning.

He explained that the circulating fake alerts claim there is a lady under the names Violet Kemunto also known as Khadija who is alleged to be wanted by the Kenyan police and that he entered Uganda.

The Police mouthpiece said the circulating document is not official before asking the public to disregard it and the contents.

Still on alert

Enanga however said despite any circumstances, the security apparatus for Uganda remains on alert to avert any attack on the country by terrorists.

“The police and sister security agencies actively continue to monitor the situation and share information with regional counterparts,” he said.

He asked to remain calm and go about their businesses as usual.

In a message to all units last week, the Police director in charge of Counter Terrorism, AIGP Abas Byakagaba has asked all commanders to be on high alert and ensure all precautionary security measures are adhered to by everyone.

Following the terror attacks in Nairobi on Tuesday afternoon, all unit commanders  are hereby instructed to be on high alert and ensure all precautionary measures to close security gaps in areas of responsibility and work closely with other security agencies and private security, ”read in part the message by Byakagaba.

He asked police commanders to ensure maximum vigilance and activate all measures to protect vulnerable areas including crowded places, hotels and tourist sites among others.

Despite  numerous  air strikes by the US and losing grip of the territories they once controlled in Somalia to AMISOM forces led by UPDF, the Al Shabaab terrorists have in a bid to stay afloat continued to make a number of attacks in various places inside Somalia and outside the horn of African country.

Last week five attackers including a suicide bomber and four gunmen walked into Dusit D2 hotel and business complex in Nairobi before killing over 20 people but the terrorists were also put out of action by Kenya’s security.

The three East African countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda have tested the wrath of terrorists in the past.

In 2010 Uganda fell prey to the wrath of the Al Shabaab insurgents who detonated twin bombs at Lugogo and Kabalagala killing over 70 revelers who were watching world cup finals.

However Kenya and Uganda have intensified their operations against the insurgents by taking the war to their door step in Somalia where the enemy has suffered a bloody nose.







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