Lt Col Moses Kaggwa takes over as 204 Ant-Air Craft brigade commander 

Lt Col Moses Kaggwa takes over as 204 Ant-Air Craft brigade commander 
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Lt Col Moses Kaggwa has taken over from Col Tom Musoke as the new commander of the 204 Ant-Air Craft Brigade .

The  ceremony presided over by the 4th infantry division commander, Brigadier General Michael Kabango took place on Tuesday afternoon at their headquarters in Gulu.

Speaking during the function, Brig Kabango said transfers are a normal phenomenon in the army, asking the officers and men of the brigade to cooperate and support the new commander.

“AAC is a critical component in any tactical military operation. I implore the commanders of AAC to record and keep AAC’s tactical and operational history of air defence unit from its onset so that later AAC personnel’s will appreciate,” Brig Kabango said.

He applauded the outgoing commander, Col Tom Musoke for a job well-done, requesting him to take the same spirit of hard work and comradeship to his new place of work.

Col Tom Musoke Buwembo is now the 201 AAC Brigade Commander under first Division Head Quarters in Kakiri, Wakiso District in the Central Region.

Taking over as the new 204 AAC Brigade Commander, Lt Col Moses Kaggwa applauded  the strategic and operational  leadership of the UPDF for entrusting him with command of 204 AAC  Brigade.

He promised not to water down achievements made by his predecessor but to keep his legacy alive.

“I will command and lead my subordinates professionally with moral so that the brigade meets the expectations of the high command,”Lt Col Kaggwa said.

He applauded his predecessor  for the good comradeship, cooperation, excellent mentorship and parental support that he rendered to the unit during his tenure in office.

Lt Col Kaggwa also applauded the UPDF leadership for giving him an opportunity to command 204 AAC Unit at a brigade level and  lauded the outgoing commander for the job well done while still in office.

The outgoing commander Col Tom Musoke congratulated the incoming commander upon his new appointment but also commended the army leadership for giving him the opportunity to serve AAC Brigade command for a period of three years

“It gives me a sense of pride and pleasure to command AAC Brigade in the first place as the Brigade Operations and Training Officer (BOTO) from 2018-2020 and now Brigade Commander twice,” Col Musoke said.

The function was also attended by the commanding officers from AAC unit Brigade, 4th Infantry Division headquarter staff officers and men.



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