Doctors’ strike hangs in balance after Museveni meeting

The Uganda Medical Association has called yet another strategy meeting with the over 6000 doctors to take a vote on their earlier scheduled strike.

In an interview with the Nile post, the president of the association Dr Ekwaro Ebuku revealed that while the industrial action had to kick off today November 6, a special general assembly had to decide on that following a meeting with President Museveni last month.

The doctors were called for a special general assembly today.

Ebuku however says even when the industrial action takes effect, they will not forget the oath they took as doctors to serve the populace.

'There will be a special team on call incase there is a hospital and these will be on call,” he said.

Ebuku adds that the public needs not to forget that the doctors’ availability at wards doesn’t mean no one will die as death is inevitable.

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