People of Kikuube vow not to elect corrupt leaders

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The people of Kikuube, a newly created district in Bunyoro sub region, have vowed not elect corrupt leaders who promote discrimination and tribal sentiments as a means of developing the district.

The citizens and local leaders were participating in a citizen dialogue organised by CCEDU to raise consciousness and awareness on the creation of a new district and promote citizen participation in policy and leadership processes.

“ For long Bunyoro has been divided along tribal and land matters and has had poor service delivery, “ Said Alex Byensi former councillor for Kabwooya sub-county and chairperson Elder’s Forum Kikuube District.

Byensi decried political interference in the administration of Kikuube as one of the setbacks that the new leaders when elected to office must address.

Byensi also talked about the challenge of the Bafuliki whom he said had grabbed the land of the local Banyoro and this has rendered them landless in their home area. He said the new leadership should consider the issue of land as critical to the people of Kikuube.

However, Reverend John Kitalibara , Executive Director Health Communities Uganda said Bunyoro has not developed at the required pace because of the background mentality of corrupt, dishonest and unfaithful leaders. “We have the knowledge and ability to solve our problems as Bunyoro if we drop evil attitudes of not wishing other people well,” he said.

Rev. Kitalibara advised the citizens in the Baraza to embrace hardwork if Bunyoror and specifically Kikuube is to move forward.

Gerald Baleke from the Bunyoro Kindgdom – Kiziramfumbi sub-county urged the people to be careful about the leaders they will choose for the new district if they want to move Kikuube into a new development era.

He said the leadership should espouse skills of tolerance , promote peace because the Banyoro have not lived in peace with each other due to intrigue.

Boniface Byaruhanga the speaker of Kizirafumbi sub-county said: “ We the Banyoro hate each other and wish each other bad which is a backward thinking that has locked our potential. We need to start working together as a united force for development if we are to benefit from the new district of Kikuube.”

Teddy Barungi the Vice chairperson LCIII Kiziramfumbi said we need a Kikuube district which is together, working for development not tearing each other down with politics, land and oil issues.

Citizens should always be prioritised in issues of governance because it is them that elect leaders to deliver services that will develop their areas.

Kikuube was officially started to function as district in July 2018.

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