Govt asked to resettle over 2000 Bukinda evictees in Kikuube

Govt asked to resettle over 2000 Bukinda evictees in Kikuube
The makeshift houses belonging to the group.

Kikuube district leaders have appealed to government and president Museveni in particular to consider buying land for settlement for the displaced over two thousand people of Bukinda Kyangwali who are now residing at the roadside in Kiziranfumbi for three years now.

Led by the RDC Amlan Tumusime they claim to have used all avenues to see these people regain the land but it seems not possible with even president Museveni and prime minister directives undermined.

One kilometer after Kiziranfumbi town in Kikuube district on your way from Hoima along the Hoima Kagadi Road is Butyamba village, where the 2019 Bukinda Kyangwali over 2,000 have lived since 2020 on a plot of land that was voluntarily donated to them by the woman member of parliament Florence Natumanya for only settlement.

They were evicted by office of the prime minister from land that was given to refugees for settlement after a contestation with these Ugandans since 2013.

Nine months  with limited hopes of regaining their land that is said to be under use by refugees, the evictees claim life is hard.

Julius Twinomugisha their chairman says, they have cried out to very leader, visited the home and office of the prime minister Robinah Nabanja to extent of going to state house, but no positive response has come out.

“Surely does Uganda have two presidents, because after meeting the president, the prime minister, they directed we get our land back, but I can tell you that has not seen light of the day. We  suffer, food is through donation, our children never go to school, young girls are getting pregnant, surely why suffer at the watch of government," Twinomugisha cried out.

Wondering how government could let its citizens suffer for all this long in their Country, Kajumba Beatrice aged 87 together with Kaburara Oliver are asking  for assitance.

“Mr president we want you tell us that it’s you who directed us to be evicted that we are no longer Ugandans. How can you direct and your directives are not considered? Kindly help us regain our right to own land because some of us are almost dying but where do we live our grandchildren really”?

“We have lost about 18 of our people, and we have no where to bury them . Do you know we just wait at night to look for any piece of land, dig and bury them like that? Government gave our land to refugees, but surely who does that to their citizens ," Kaburara said.

The district chairman Peter Banura said as the  district leadership,  their hands are tied.

“Look really, we have met the prime minister, the president knows about this matter, and we are talking since 2013, forced eviction in 2019 to date no help, letters written but we don’t know what is behind,” Banura said.

With most attempts seemingly failing to yield results, the district resident commissioner Amlan Tumusime with Bugaguzi legislator Francis Kazini have appealed to government to at least consider finding money buy land somewhere to resettle these people

“These people have seen hell on earth. We have gone everywhere, if we had an opportunity of reporting to God we would do it, but it’s not easy. Help us find money settle these people because these are  Ugandans not foreigners. How do we accept Ugandans to suffer in their own country,” Kazini asked.

“I want to tell you that these people can never get access to Bukinda land since  UPDF is already using it while some is being used by refugees. That is evidence enough that there is no hope there."

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