Police, army announce joint crackdown on errant VIPs on the road

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Police, army announce joint crackdown on errant VIPs on the road
Fair Way junction traffic light

Police have said they have launched a joint crackdown against errant drivers, especially for government vehicles and VIPs.

Speaking on Monday, traffic police spokesperson, Michael Kananura said the joint operation was mooted after increase in cases of indiscipline on the road.

“There is an increasing misuse of the road by VIPs who have escort vehicles driven by army  and police drivers who disregard traffic regulations. They move as if they are on emergency even when they are not,” Kananura said.

A number of Ugandans have in the past complained of drivers of government vehicles, including State House and the army among others of disregarding other road users.

Many of these drive in the wrong lanes, forcing other motorists off the road while others disregard traffic guidelines and regulations.

Speaking on Monday, traffic police said there is an assumption by some of the government and army drivers that they are under emergency and this excuse is used to violate traffic guidelines.

However, the spokesperson said the joint operation will help crack down on such drivers.

“ Emergency is defined as a serious , unexpected and dangerous situation requiring immediate action. Someone who is going or leaving office or going for a function or burial can never be regarded as an emergency,” Kananura said.

He said vehicles categorized a being under emergency include police fire brigade, ambulances, military motor vehicles of the armed forces, trailers or engineering plant as may be designated by the minister.

“ A driver of a car  of the president, vice president, chief justice, speaker of parliament or the prime minister or police vehicle or other emergency vehicle is allowed to deviate from the regulations,”

He said drivers of emergency vehicles ought to drive with due care and are not exempted from the consequences of their disregard to the safety of persons or property while on the road.

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