Kabale Muslims ask for operationalisation of city status during Eid prayers

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Kabale Muslims ask for operationalisation of city status during Eid prayers
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Muslims in Kabale have asked for operationalization of  the city status.

This was during Eid-Adha prayers held at Masjid Jaamia Kirigime Mosque, Kirigime ward in Kabale municipality.

Kabale town  is one of the 15  that was approved by the Ugandan parliament in May 2019 to grated city status in a phased manner.

The consultations regarding the boundaries of Kabale city were planned for 2023 in ordered for Kabale municipality to be declared a city.

Parliament in 2020 resolved the approval for the creation of 15 new cities in addition to the capital, Kampala.

The new cities were supposed to be operationalized in clusters begging July, 1,2020, through to July 2023 with Jinja, Mbarara, Gulu, Mbale, Arua, Fort portal and Masaka that were effected in the financial year 2020-2021

The second cluster of cities covered Hoima, Lira, and Soroti that were scheduled for operationalization by July, 1,  2021, followed by Entebbe that were effected as city on  July, 1, 2022.

The last cluster would be Moroto, Nakasongola, Kabale and Wakiso cities scheduled for operationalization on July,1,  2023.

In February 2023 confusion surrounding Kabale’s city status erupted between state Minister of Finance Henry Musasazi and Local government minister Rapheal Magyezi.

Minister Henry Musasizi expressed his concerns about up grading Kabale to a city status, he argued that the government had decided not to proceed with the creation of new cities due to financial burden they would impose on a country that is already struggling to revive its economy.

Minister Musasizi’s statement dashed the hopes of Kabale District residents who were eagerly anticipating the benefits that come with city status however the  local government minister denied the rumors saying that the government has not abandoned the creation and implementation of Kabale city status, noting that the city now waiting the final steps before it becomes operational.

It was this argument that left Kabale residents in suspense wondering when the city status will take shape.

While addressing the congregation, Chairman Kabale district Muslim council Isa Tindyebwa noted that as Kabale residents are still eagerly waiting for the city adding that as Muslim community they support the idea of Kabale being upgraded to a city status.

He called for  all responsible offices to quicken the process.

“As Muslims from Kabale, we support the idea of Kabale to be up graded into city status like how districts like Mbarara were up graded into city status. As Kabale municipality we were promised so we request the responsible official to work on so that Kabale can be up graded into city status," Tindyebwa said.

While preaching are Eid-Adha prayers Sheikh .Lule Kabu said that women going abroad to work leaving their husbands in the country is against Islamic practices.

He further added that men should be the ones to go abroad and women stay home asking those who have been doing so to stop.

“As Muslim leaders we condemn women who go abroad for greener pastures leaving their men and children behind. There is an extra manner of men staying at home leaving their families behind. In Islamic faith its not allowed. Men are the ones who are supposed to be going abroad to work on behalf of their families."

Cathrine Ndamira , the Woman MP for Kabale who participated in the Eid-prayers voiced concern over  corruption.

She called on the public to combat this vice starting at the grassroot level.

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