Nile Breweries trains 400 Bunyoro, Mbarara retailers in entrepreneurial skills

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Nile Breweries trains 400 Bunyoro, Mbarara retailers in entrepreneurial skills
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In a bid to stimulate business growth for its retailers, Nile Breweries has trained over 400 local retailers in Bunyoro and Mbarara in entrepreneurship, digital and financial skills.

The training code-named GRIT - Growing Retailers Innovatively Together is aimed at upskilling the retailers to help them grow their businesses.

Speaking during the training in Hoima District, Adu Rando, the Managing Director, NBL  noted that the brewery plans to train over  14,000 retailers across the country focusing on three key pillars growth, education and inclusion.

“Entrepreneurship is about supporting and uplifting the small- and medium-sized businesses across our value chain, from local farmers to retailers, we want to drive meaningful change for our retailers and the surrounding communities that they serve,” noted Adu.

“We are training and developing owners of bars shops and retailers so that they can manage their business better, more efficiently and more professionally so that they can continue to grow. Very often times, we know and see  a gap in knowledge due to lack of formal training, we  are filling this gap by running this comprehensive programs and training sessions.”

The retailers were trained on how to avoid dealing in illicit brews.

According to research,  65% of all alcohol consumed in Uganda is illicit and the vast majority of this is harmful as well.

“We have reached out to the government of Uganda, and are planning to make tangible progress in reducing the availability of cheap illicit and harmful alcohol for the consumers in Uganda,” Adu noted .

 According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, Small and Medium Enterprises remain Uganda’s engine of growth.

The sector accounts for 90% of the business sector in Uganda and employs over 2.5 million people contributing approximately 20% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Adu noted that the retailers have received tailored business training in financial and stock management as well as coaching and mentoring programme to support the continuous development of entrepreneurs.

“Increased investment in education will lead to increased economic growth, and upskilling retailers will help them grow their business and invest in their families and communities. Ultimately, we want to drive entrepreneurial development, business growth and sustainability for our retail partners,” Adu noted.

"This is the first entrepreneurship training I have attended since opening my business. I finally understand how to track my accounts, manage my stock effectively, and maximize my profits," noted Evelyn Alioru, a bar owner in Masindi.

"The financial training has equipped me with the skills to grow my business sustainably and make informed decisions for the future."

 The training was held in partnership with MTN MoMo.

John Ronald Isabirye the Corporate Sales Manager at MTN MoMo noted that the training is ensuring that distributors and retailers are cashless in their day to day business activities.

“Going cashless is instrumental in access to financial services by leveraging digital and mobile technologies that reach individuals and businesses,” noted Isabirye .

“This initiative reduces risk, improves record keeping, and gives visibility of business transactions.”

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