Bunyoro boda boda riders urged on getting permits

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Bunyoro boda boda riders urged on getting permits
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Boda boda riding is one of the fastest growing sector in Uganda but a number of the riders dont have permits.

Following complaints from upcountry riders that it is  expensive to travel to Kampala and get permits, the Ministry of Works and Transport has extended the service in  Hoima with a one stop service centre at Hoima district head quarters.

Peterson Mandela, from the Uganda Security Printing Company, said boda-boda riders are targeted in this service as it was noticed it's hard to trace them whenever they go against traffic rules and regulations governing road safety in the country.

"When someone has no permit is not known in our system, so even if they make an offence on the road it becomes hard to trace him or penalize him . However,  with a permit we have their details  and it becomes easy to regulate and trace everyone in all corners of the country, but also riding  without a permit endangers the lives of other road users," Mandela said.

He said for one to qualify for a driving permit, they must be conversant with the Highway Code since it equips one with sufficient knowledge about road signs and markings.

"We know the importance of boda boda riders, small vehicle, heavy truck and trailer drivers, but having a valid permit is very important."

Brian Asiimwe, the coordinator at the Hoima based stop Centre, wondered that despite having many women driving vehicles, their office has hardly seen any one apply for a permit or renewal.

"Most people complain that going to Kampala is expensive, the services are here and we advertised, but I have not seen any woman turn up here for either a new permit or renewal but also boda boda riders are yet to embrace the service.'

Vincent Kaliisa, a boda boda rider said  he always found it hard to travel to Kampala for a permit with the associated costs, traffic jams among other disturbances.

"I ride, but have always dodged police, and it was kind hard for me to travel to Kampala for a permit. It is expensive in terms of transport, feeding, traffic jam."


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