Stop lamenting about the war, work- Katikkiro Mayiga tells Luweero

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Stop lamenting about the war, work- Katikkiro Mayiga tells Luweero
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Buganda Katikkiro, Charles Peter Mayiga has told the people of Luweero to stop lamenting about the 1986 bush war but work to elevate their status.

He was speaking during the opening of the Buganda agricultural expo at Kasana Luwero Playground in Luwero district, .

"Stop lamenting about the war that happened 38 yrs back. The glory of this county, will be reinstated by the residents of this area and that can only happen through hard work,  initiatives that can sustain livelihoods."

Mayiga also called upon locals to join farming to change their livelihoods as he highlighted the importance of farmers joining cooperatives because working as team brings strength, resources, and enhances productivity of the farmers for better yields.

"We all know the history of cooperatives in this country, they really did a tremendous work in supporting the farms, we want to replicate what happed in the past so that farmers can realize better yields, such that they are also in position to meet their basic needs."

The government of Uganda under Operation Wealth Creation supported Buganda's coffee project known as "Mwanyi Terimba Project" with Shs.413 million to eradicate poverty through farming especially in rural areas.

The State  House Comptroller, Ms. Jane Barekye delivered the cheque and handed it over to the Katikiro.

Barekye applauded Mayiga for his endless efforts in fighting poverty in the region through agriculture particularly coffee growing however, tasked him to encourage farmers to focus on commercial farming by using the 4 acre model and 7 activities that requires  intercropping in a small space and maximizes returns.

"You need to know that coffee is only a beverage although it has got other industrial uses, it is not food like milk or fish, therefore involving our village small scale operators into some food lines is the safest insurance for their prosperity,"Barekye stated.

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