Now that you have evidence on corruption, act- Museveni urged

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Now that you have evidence on corruption, act- Museveni urged
President Museveni speaks to traders on Tuesday.

While President Museveni believes that some government officials are not inherently corrupt but instead made mistakes , experts say that the anti corruption laws are indiscriminate and must be allowed to handle such persons.

Uganda's growth curve has been on an upward trajectory but as sure as night follows day, corruption is eating this growth away and leaders are irritated

State Minister for Investment and Privatization Evelyn Anite while launching the budget month , lashed out to fellow politicians for being corrupt.

“I am tired of, irritated and ashamed of even sitting in those meetings with you because you are eating people’s money. When we dress nicely , people are like, our money, drive a nice car, our money…” Anite said.

Various anti-corruption agencies including the IGG say that the level of corruption has sophistication has increased from the normal trail of money coming from the consolidated fund to accounts of MDAs where officials could get it, their personal accounts.

Now money takes different route, as corrupt officials connive to inflate budgets at the ministry, agencies and department  level and take it to the Ministry of Finance, which then takes it Parliament for approval and gets to them comfortably.

The President Confirmed this in his state of the nation address .

“ There is a racket of people in finance who connive with a group in Parliament to pass money provided they give them a percentage , and now know I have evidence against you,"  Museveni said.

Even after this confession, the president made made categorizations and hinted on possible consequences.

George Musisi a lawyer says that the law is blind and impartial and so should the fight against corruption.

“The law does not know mistake makers and that one who deliberately engages in corruption. We have strong anti corruption laws that have overtime been undermined by the president as the anti corruption agencies wait for his nod to act,” Musisi said.

"He instead prefers political action that he does not do. For example the list of ministers( involved in corruption) was 13, only two were dropped from cabinet , and only three are in anti corruption court and one had written to him seeking pardon.”

There is a shared belief that Parliament has become a clearing house and the very pipe that irrigates corruption in Uganda, and former deputy IGG Wasswa Lule strongly agrees with this sentiment and so is George Musisi.

“Corruption starts there, you see those MPs ( pointing a finger ) , they are so corrupt leave alone the leadership the MPs themselves are very corrupt” Wasswa Lule said

However , Veteran Politician Augustine Ruzindana believes that it’s not too late, and the President can live to fight another day with measured degree of assurance to win the battle against corruption.

“ He can not do it alone, there are systems in place, use them."

“Museveni did not lose the battle against corruption , the corrupt instead won.

Experts say that now more than ever before, action must be seen to be taken.

“Mr President, now that you know them and you have evidence, please act or else , your government may collapse under its own weight. “ Ruzindana said

With anti corruption crusaders seemingly running out of calories , and NGO’s almost decapitated with the expulsion of the Democratic Governance Facility , that previously financed anti corruption campaigns , fears are high that the government will continue stealing in billions and trillions from its citizens

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