Security guns down man suspected to have planned 2021 Kampala bombings

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Security guns down man suspected to have planned 2021 Kampala bombings
The scene of the November 2021 twin blasts.

Joint security forces have said they have put out of action , a man suspected to have been one of the masterminds of the 2021 bomb attacks on CPS and Parliamentary Avenue in Kampala.

According to the deputy defence spokesperson, Col Deo Akiiki, Yasin Ddamulira aka Musubuzi was killed in Mityana during arrest.

"The operation, conducted by Defence Intelligence Security and Counter Terrorism forces, ended in a fierce exchange of gunfire, ultimately resulting in the death of the suspect and the recovery of an assault rifle,"Col Akiki said.

He said the deceased had been on the run since the arrest of Musa Kabanda, alias Akman, who was apprehended following the 2021 bombing.

It said that Kabanda, during his interrogation, revealed that Ddamulira  was a key collaborator in the planning of the attack, alongside Abas Sekimpi, currently on remand, and Nsubuga Sulaiman, who was arrested on April 27, 2024.

The intelligence that led to Ddamulira's location in Mityana came during follow-up operations by Defence Intelligence Security, who detected communication signals linked .

Acting swiftly on this information, Counter Terrorism forces and police units moved in to apprehend him but during an exchange, he was shot dead.

Col Akiiki said an SMG rifle was recovered from the scene.

This operation marks a significant step in dismantling the network responsible for the 2021 bombing.

Authorities have reiterated their commitment to pursuing all individuals involved in terrorist activities and ensuring the safety of citizens.

The government has commended the efforts of the Defence Intelligence Security and Counter Terrorism forces for their bravery and dedication in the ongoing fight against terrorism.

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