Museveni commits to providing silage choppers, tractors to boost agricultural activities

Museveni commits to providing silage choppers, tractors to boost agricultural activities
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President Museveni has made a significant commitment to support farmers by providing silage choppers to every parish and tractors to every Sub County across the districts. This initiative aims to facilitate smooth agricultural operations and enhance productivity in the sector.

Accompanied by the First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Maama Janet Kataha Museveni, the president welcomed a group of residents from Kiruhura and Kazo Districts to their country home in Rwakitura on Monday.

The meeting followed a field study conducted by the group at Richard Nyakana's model farm in Rwengaju, Fort Portal.

During the gathering, President Museveni encouraged the residents to embrace commercial agriculture and carefully select profitable enterprises. He highlighted the potential for farmers to generate substantial income from small plots of land, using Nyakana's success as an example. Nyakana currently earns over Shs188m per annum from just one acre of land, primarily through dairy and poultry farming.

The president urged the group to explore dairy farming, coffee growing, poultry farming, fish farming, and food crop cultivation for quick and visible returns.

"In your agricultural pursuits, focus on satisfying both your immediate needs and generating income. To achieve this, transition from extensive agriculture to more intensive practices," Museveni advised.

Furthermore, President Museveni promised to establish a demonstration farm, similar to Nyakana's model, at Nshaara government ranch. This initiative will benefit the people of the Western region of Uganda and the entire country.

In addition to agricultural advice, Museveni cautioned the guests against land fragmentation, emphasizing its detrimental consequences. He suggested that in cases of inheritance, beneficiaries should receive shares in the property rather than dividing it into smaller plots.

"Stop physically dividing family property after the death of your parents. Instead, form associations and share proceeds from the property," Museveni emphasized.

The president reiterated his earlier message to leaders, urging them to prioritize lifting their constituents out of poverty rather than focusing solely on politics. He compared leaders to doctors, emphasizing their responsibility to identify and resolve the problems faced by their communities.

"Wealth creation should involve everyone. It is the core objective," Museveni stated.

During the interaction, the residents commended President Museveni for inspiring them to participate in the money economy.

"On behalf of our group, I want to express our sincere gratitude to you, Your Excellency, for awakening us and showing us the path to success. We have been dormant, but after visiting Mr Nyakana, we are now motivated to work hard and improve the lives of our families," said Ms Alice Nabaasa, the group's chairperson.

This group, which initially visited the President at his farm in Kisozi, Gomba District in February of this year, also pledged to join him in mobilizing Ugandans to create wealth through commercial agriculture, using the "ekibaro" approach.

The First Lady, Maama Janet Museveni, commended the group for embracing the President's advice and striving to enhance their livelihoods and the lives of those they lead through wealth creation. She urged them to continue working hard to meet their needs.

"It is an excellent opportunity to address young leaders who prioritize the collective welfare over their interests," she noted.

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