NUP leaders are green- Ddombo

NUP leaders are green- Ddombo
Florence Namayanja with a copy of the statement that caused the rift

Uganda's political scene heats up as the National Unity Platform (NUP) grapples with internal conflict. The National Resistance Movement (NRM), the ruling party, is wasting no time in throwing punches.

The NRM's spokesperson, Emmanuel Dombo, throws shade at NUP's youth, implying their inexperience is on display in their current troubles. This comes after NUP stripped Mathias Mpuuga, their Vice President, of his Parliamentary Commissioner role following accusations of corruption.

Dombo criticizes NUP's mixed messages. He questions keeping Mpuuga as vice president while removing him from another position. This, he suggests, weakens NUP's stance against corruption.

NUP's Benjamin Katana counters by clarifying that Mpuuga wasn't expelled, only relieved of his commissioner duties. He emphasizes NUP's commitment to free speech but draws the line at spreading falsehoods.

Katana further accuses the NRM of hypocrisy, pointing out their tolerance of misconduct within their ranks.

Both parties acknowledge the disagreement within NUP. However, the NRM portrays it as a sign of NUP's incompetence, while NUP downplays it as an internal issue they're addressing.

This political spat highlights the challenges faced by Uganda's opposition party. Only time will tell if NUP can weather this storm and emerge stronger, or if the NRM will capitalize on this opportunity to further marginalize their rivals.

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