Museveni applies brakes on creation of more districts

BUKEDEA | President Museveni has expressed reservations about the creation of new constituencies and districts, emphasizing the potential detrimental impact such expansions could have on the nation.

The president's comments came in response to appeals from locals in Bukedea district advocating for the establishment of new constituencies in their region.

"Constituencies are going to kill us,"  Museveni said.

The President's change of stance in a country he has seen grow from 36 districts before his first election in1996 to 145 today shows growing concerns over the proliferation of administrative divisions within the country.

He drew attention to the example of Tanzania, where despite a significantly larger population, the size of the parliament remains comparatively smaller.

Composed of 145 districts and a population of just 48 million Ugandans, the country boosts of 529 members of Parliament making Uganda's parliament one of the largest across the globe

"We need to slow down," Museveni cautioned, urging for a measured approach towards any further alterations to the nation's electoral and administrative landscape.

The president's stance underscores broader considerations surrounding governance efficiency and resource allocation.

While the calls for additional constituencies and districts may stem from local demands for improved representation and services, President Museveni's remarks reflect a strategic perspective aimed at maintaining stability and optimizing governance structures.

As Uganda navigates its developmental trajectory, balancing the aspirations of its diverse communities with the imperative of sustainable governance remains a pivotal challenge.

President Museveni's remarks serve as a reminder of the need for prudent decision-making in shaping the nation's political landscape for the future.

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