Worry not, I'm in Parliament to stay - Among tells Bukedea

Worry not, I'm in Parliament to stay - Among tells Bukedea
Speaker Among addresses a huge crowd i n Bukedea

"These people saying I resign, did they put me there?"

BUKEDEA | If Anita Among's supporters in Bukedea have been watching the scandals in Parliament and public backlash in the recent weeks with apprehension, they can rest assured that the Speaker is going nowhere.

At least that is what she told them.

Among has dispelled fears of the people in her native Bukedea that she is still the Speaker of Parliament, will not resign and no one will push her from the top seat.

"When u see what has been in social media, all that is being done by the homosexuals because I led a team of these MPs to make sure that the law is passed," Among told a public rally at Apopong Village in Bukedea.

Thousands of the natives who gathered to participate in the ongoing update and display of NRM members' register treated the Speaker to a heroic welcome.

The Speaker urged locals to ignore the scandal amplified by social media, saying it fueled against her by propagators of homosexuality.

"There are people who are fighting me and the God I serve will fight back," she said.

"They are saying they want to reclaim their seat as Speaker, reclaiming a seat of a speaker, what did they leave there? What have I not done? You mean people of Teso and Bukedea don't want this seat?"

She is our own, the crowd appears to say in supplication

The Speaker laughed off social media campaign calling for her resignation, saying it was a total waste of time since she is in good books with her voters - the legislators.

"And I want to tell you that I am still there, do they think they are going to continue fighting us?" she said.

"And I am not going to calm down on issues of homosexuality and that is why they are fighting me on social media and saying I resign. I resign and go where?

"These people saying I resign, did they put me there?"

Among said her relationship with President Museveni is still firm and scoffed at at those waging a war against her speakership.

She said she has overachieved as a woman MP of Bukedea and appealed to her constituents to consider her for the third term unopposed.

The Speaker's outburst followed concerns by Bukedea District Chairperson Rosemary Akol and other area leaders who noted that the social media attacks on the Speaker had shocked them.

A handful of MPs who flanked the Speaker fumed at her critics and vowed to thwart attempts of mudslinging her name.

They also amplified appeal to Bukedea people to return Among unopposed in 2026, saying they will do the same in Parliament.

Upon registration, Among revealed that her name was entering the NRM register for the first time although she carried the yellow flag in 2021.

From registration, Among moved in a huge procession amidst cheers of her supporters  to her country home in Bukedea.

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