Mbale City public accounts committee probe stalls

Mbale City public accounts committee probe stalls
Mbale City

For the third time, the Mbale City Public Accounts Committee's attempt to probe accountability queries in the 2021/22 auditor general's report faced a setback as the technical team, led by the City Clerk, failed to show up.

The committee, led by Chairperson Rogers Kimaswa, had convened at Mbale City Council Hall to address issues raised in the audit but had to adjourn the meeting to December 13, 2023, due to the absence of city officials.

Chairperson Rogers Kimaswa expressed frustration, citing impunity and disobedience as reasons for the probe's continuous postponement.

"This probe has been overdue, and Monday's date was fixed upon the request of the Town Clerk," stated Kimaswa.

Among the key issues to be addressed were concerns about mismanagement of human resources, including salary disparities, and an examination of the value for money on city road projects, including those funded by USMOID.

City spokesperson James Kutosi, however, accused the committee of being vindictive and on a hunting spree.

"The committee's actions are perceived as vindictive and hunting," remarked James Kutosi.

Yassin Kawanguzi, an opinion leader in Mbale, expressed disappointment in the state of accountability probes, stating that they have become more ceremonial than effective in combating corruption.

"Accountability probes have been reduced to ceremonial events rather than effective measures against corruption," commented Yassin Kawanguzi.

In response, Chairperson Rogers Kimaswa placed blame on the police for not acting on previous recommendations made by the committee, resulting in the loss of billions by the city.

"The police have sat on the previous recommendations, and the city has suffered significant financial losses," highlighted Kimaswa.

With unresolved accountability queries contributing to the loss of billions in accumulated revenue, the Mbale City Public Accounts Committee's challenges underscore the urgent need for effective measures to address issues of financial management and accountability within the city

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