Do not use flooded roads, government appeals to motorists

Do not use flooded roads, government appeals to motorists
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State Minister for Works, Musa Ecweru, has warned of the hazards of using flooded roads, particularly during active flash floods.

The minister says citizens should exercise heightened caution and refrain from crossing flooded areas to prevent needless loss of life.

The warning comes in response to recent incidents where attempts by individuals to cross flooded roads led to tragic outcomes.

Citing the unpredictability of flash floods and the challenges they pose, Ecweru urged citizens to adhere to warnings and road closures issued by authorities during adverse weather.

With many roads in a dire state, the minister also advised districts to hold off on utilising the one billion shillings allocated to each district for road maintenance, saying Cabinet has agreed to a supplementary budget to support areas that have suffered critical damage.

Communities have been encouraged to be proactive in preparing for the rainy season, including establishing early warning systems and conducting regular drills to ensure a swift and coordinated response in the event of flooding.


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