African countries that do not require a visa from visiting Africans 

There are five African countries that Africans can now visit without a visa. Rwanda just joined that exclusive club last week.

A visa is a travel document that allows you to enter a foreign country for a specific period. In most cases, one must apply for a visa before travelling either at an embassy, consulate or online.

Many countries have restrictions and one is required to have attained a visa to be allowed entry. However, to attain and foster holistic development as a continent, visa-free entry has been continuously advocated and strongly recommended.

Most recently Rwanda and Kenya, have announced visa-free travel for all Africans. The move towards visa-free entry has several potential benefits including a sense of unity among Africans, boosting economic growth by facilitating to operate across borders and for tourists to visit different countries. This guarantees increased trade and investment, as well as job creation, among others.

Some challenges come with the visa-free mechanism as well as its implementation across Africa. A visa-free travel mechanism means that there will be a significant influx of people entering the country primarily for tourism and business.

It is expedient that countries put up robust infrastructure to support this. Keeping out the wrong elements will require tightening.

Out of all African countries, only 5 of 52 African countries can boast of complete visa-free entry: Seychelles, Gambia Benin, Kenya and Rwanda.

Visa-free access opens doors for Africans to explore and leverage opportunities in diverse sectors for economic growth and cultural exchange across the continent. Easier movement of people further fosters regional collaborations and enhances the sharing of knowledge and skills in various domains.

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