FDC Katonga accuses police of working with "goons" who terrorised their delegates conference

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The FDC Katonga faction  has said they are dragging Uganda Police, the suspended FDC President Patrick Amuriat and Secretary General Nandala Mafaabi to court for allegedly deploying goons that insulted the delegates at Busaabala.

While addressing Journalists at their offices yesterday, Katonga faction leaders led by Interim President Erias Lukwago said it is absurd the police who are meant to protect Ugandans are instead working with criminals.

Lukwago said they are dragging the Uganda police to courts of law they have accused of working with these criminals.

Lukwago said they have also filed a civil suit including 3 counts against the EC chairman Toterebuka Bamwenda including one for calling for a delegates conference contrary to his mandate

These have also warned banks holding party Accounts including Centenary and DFCU banks against working with the suspended leadership.

Kira Municipality Member of Parliament Semujju Nganda said  that these goons were recruited Nandala and Amuriat with the help of the police to beat up delegates.

“We ask Police since they know and work with these criminals to return their belongings including phones, money and national identification cards that were snatched from them. Protecting life and property is the reason the country spends on you Police a whole Shs1 trillion every year,” Ssemuju said.

He claimed that the conduct of deployed Police officers that day suggested  that the criminals  were known to police.

“They freely interacted with you before taking positions from which they mugged our people.”

Ssemuju said they have since established that the gang members were collected  from Ndeeba, Katwe, Mulago, Kisenyi and that their mission for which they were paid each Shs 100,000 for commanders and Shs 50,000 for squad members was “to hunt down, harm or even kill the delegates.”

“Police knew all this then reason they warned us of violence. The gang was commanded by among others; Minawa Farooq, Akankwasa Juma, Moses Matovu Saawa, Kiryowa Muhammad, Dinja Zubair, Abdul Mattu, Ssemwanga Jackson, Ali Muzei, Medi Musisi, Kavuma, Baker and Ssembusi Godfrey.”

According to Ssemuju, Police and “your allies at Najjanankumbi” responsible for these crimes.

“We would like to call upon all FDC members and other Ugandans who lost property to file details with Acting FDC Secretary General Harold Kaija. We intend to file private criminal charges against Nandala, Amuriat and several Police commanders for sponsoring and abetting crimes. We would also like to warn these criminals hired to batter our people that we will follow you up and legally make you pay for your crimes.”


The Party National Chairman Wasswa Birigwa has advised delegates who received the letter of notice to the delegates' conference in October to ignore it.

The interim leadership that has reassured them they are in charge and are planning to hold a National Executive Committee later this week key on the agenda to discuss the organization of elections.

Last week, alleged goons were seen closely interacting with police at Busaabala after they had stolen some of the property from the delegates and journalists to return them later, these same goods are said to have beaten some of the delegates who had gone to attend the conference.

The same goons are said to have been behind the scuffles with journalists at Najjanankumbi during the National Council where journalists and other members were manhandled.  Both Nandala and Amiuriat have since refuted the allegations.

Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson, Patrick Onyango blasted the claims as being baseless.

"The allegations that we work with goons are not true but rather false. They are baseless and we dismiss them in the strongest terms they deserve. We dont know them because we are law enforcers who cant work with people engage in illegal activities,"Onyango said.

"What we do for goons or kifeesi is arrest and take them to court. They are not part our structures as an institution. They are not part of us."

Onyango also dismissed claims that property was robbed from delegates, noting that no one from FDC officially lodged a case of robbery during the delegates conference at Busaabala.

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