Government Seeks Private Investors to Take Over Soroti Fruits Factory

Government Seeks Private Investors to Take Over Soroti Fruits Factory
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By Eddy Enuru

Reports have recently surfaced that the government is on the verge of sourcing private investors to take over the Soroti Fruits Factory.

This decision comes in the wake of challenges faced by the factory in consuming all the fruits from the Teso region, a situation that has prompted the intervention of both President Museveni and the State Minister for Teso Affairs, Kelement Ongalo Obote.

Teso, known for its abundant fruit harvests, has faced a unique problem - an excess of fruits that the Soroti Fruits Factory has struggled to process. The factory's limited capacity and challenges in finding markets for its concentrate have led to an underutilization of the region's fruit resources.

According to the Minister, President Yoweri Museveni has directed the Office of the Prime Minister to seek private investors who can rejuvenate the factory. The aim is to address the capacity challenges and explore new markets for the fruit concentrate.

The Uganda Development Corporation (UDC), a government entity, was initially tasked with overseeing the operations of the Soroti Fruits Factory. However, it has faced difficulties in fully utilizing the factory's capacity and ensuring that the region's fruits are processed efficiently.

Julius Ekomu, the Executive Director of Soroti Fruit Factory when contacted acknowledged the factory's challenges with capacity and market uptake that have been a concern for some time. He noted that despite its potential to significantly contribute to the local economy and create jobs, these limitations have hindered its operations.

The decision to involve private investors aims at injecting fresh capital, expertise, and market connections into the Soroti Fruits Factory. Private investors are often seen as more agile and innovative, capable of revitalizing struggling enterprises.

The Minister says the revitalization of the Soroti Fruits Factory has broader implications for the Teso region. It can not only ensure that the region's fruit harvests are put to productive use but also stimulate economic growth, provide employment opportunities, and strengthen the local agricultural sector according to him while meeting the District bosses of Teso sub-region.

Local communities in Teso have expressed hope that the intervention of private investors will bring about a new era for the Soroti Fruits Factory. They anticipate increased fruit processing, improved market access, and a positive impact on their livelihoods


As the government takes the decisive step of seeking private investors for the Soroti Fruits Factory, it is a hopeful sign for Teso and its fruit farmers. This move is expected to breathe new life into the factory, addressing capacity challenges and unlocking the full potential of the region's bountiful fruit harvests. It is a step toward ensuring that Teso's fruits are not wasted but instead contribute to the economic development of the region and the nation as a whole.

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