KMP commander issues new orders on Police boda boda operations

KMP commander issues new orders on Police boda boda operations
Some of the impounded boda bodas at CPS in Kampala.

The Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander, Steven Tanui has once again issued a new order regarding boda boda operations by police.

In the order, the KMP commander has directed the arrest of civilians involved in the impounding of bodas bodas.

“All motor cycle operations must be conducted exclusively by police officers in uniform. The operation should be led by Traffic Police officers, with support from other uniformed police officers. No police officer, except Traffic Police, is authorized to impound a motor cycle,” Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson , Patrick Onyango said in a statement on Friday.

He said that the new directive by the KMP commander says any civilian found impounding motor cycles will be subject to immediate arrest and prosecution in court whereas motocyclists are advised not to surrender their motorbikes to individuals in civilian attire.

“ In case of such attempts, they should promptly inform the police about the location of such unauthorized operations.”

During the operations, civilians working with police target mostly boda boda riders whose motorbikes they impound.

They take them to secluded locations and demand for money before releasing them.

However, according to the latest order, all impounded motorcycles must be take to designated police stations and “ not any other location.”

In these operations also carried out by members of various boda boda associations, riders are asked for permits, helmets and reflector jackets among others.

The members of the boda boda associations use these operations to ask for membership cards from the riders and anyone without one is asked to part with a certain amount of money or have their motorcycle impounded.

Several riders have fallen prey to this.

However, the KMP commander has in his latest directive ordered that all motorcycles previously impounded by the boda boda leadership in Kampala be released immediately to their rightful owners or be taken to the nearest police station.

“These directives aim to ensure the security and transparency of motor cycle operations within Kampala Metropolitan Area. We urge all residents and motorcyclists to cooperate fully with the police in implementing these measures,” Onyango said.




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