Mother arrested for burying newborn baby alive, hours after giving birth

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Police in Lira City have arrested a 18-year old mother accused of burying her baby shortly after delivery.

On Monday, 48-year old Moses Opio, a resident of Abedpiny cell in Lira City East Division reported to the local authorities that, Mirriam Angom, a 18-year-old resident of Bar-Kea village, Ogor Sub County in Otuke district gave birth to a baby girl and buried her alive in a shallow pit in Lira City.

This prompted the local leaders and the community members to  a rescue search for said baby delivered in the wee hours of Monday morning.

Preliminary investigations indicates the mother had recently relocated from Kirombe Cell in Lira City, where she had been living in a rental house to Abedpiny cell in Lira City.

The North Kyoga Regional Police spokesperson, SP Patrick Jimmy Okema, confirmed the incident.

"The motive behind her relocation was to prepare for the transportation of her firstborn, a 3-year old child, to their home village. However, it was discovered that she was also pregnant upon moving to her sister's home," says SP Okema.

The suspect is said to have experienced labour pains and left the house, moving about forty metres away.

"It was there that she gave birth to a baby girl at around 4:00 am, on the bare ground. Immediately after the birth, she took a hoe, dug a shallow pit less than 1.5 meters deep, and buried her newborn baby alive," police said.

Okema said police detectives visited the scene shortly after the community members had already rescued the baby.

The suspect is currently being held Lira Central Police Station pending further investigations while the rescued baby was rushed to Lira Regional Referral Hospital, where she is currently receiving medical treatment.

Police said a charge of attempted murder has been prefered against the suspect.

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