“Mr Update”  Ssegirinya vows to regain his crown as ‘internet king’ from Ichuli, to join TikTok 

Kawempe North MP, Muhammad Ssegirinya has vowed to regain his crown as the “internet king” now that he is out of prison.

Ssegirinya, and fellow opposition MP, Allan Ssewanyana, were in February released on bail after spending 17 months in prison in connection to spate of murders in the Greater Masaka area.

Before, the MP was a figure to reckon with on internet because of his humorous social media videos through which he voiced out his opinions especially on politics.

However, since his disappearance from the public eye, new faces on the internet had taken over, notably vlogger Isma Olaxes alias Jajja Iculi, whose live social media videos have been receiving a lot of attention from netizens. In fact, many had dubbed him ‘king of internet’.

In a recent interview, Ssegirinya acknowledged that a lot had changed ever since he was arrested, but insisted that he is still the internet king.

Ssegirinya, further vowed to battle Iculi for supremacy in the internet genre.

“Of all people, you choose Ichuli over me? Of all internet kings you choose him? I don’t agree with that. We have to elect again, I’m the internet king and I’m back” Ssegirinya said.

He added, “I guess even Isima himself does not believe he was chosen as internet king. I’m still an internet sensation. I came back only to find you had opted for other people, meaning the election has to be repeated,” he jokingly added. 

The NUP legislator who is famous mostly on Facebook, added that he will join TikTok soon to expand his presence on social media.

“I’m still learning how to use TikTok. I know how to use Facebook because I have used it before. Hajji Kayima will teach me how to join and use TikTok. I will join it when I make my maiden speech at the Parliament,” Ssegirinya said.

Ssegirinya rise to the political scene is a ’started from the bottom now we are here’ story. 

From making regular phone calls on radio political shows to his dramatic antics especially during anti-age removal protests, his jocular style of politics has made him famous in the field of politics.

Many believe his ‘attention seeking’ style has helped him rise politically to where he is now as one of the country’s most recognised politicians. 

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