UMSC suspends creation of new Muslim districts

Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) has suspended the creation of new Muslim districts across the country pending the performance evaluation of districts that were created in the recent past. 

 This was revealed by Mufti of Uganda, Sheikh Shaban Ramadhan Mubaje as part of his welcoming remarks in a meeting held in his office with a delegation of Muslim leaders from greater Bunyoro - Toro Muslim.

 The delegation was led by regional assistant Sheikh Abdu Hakim Kirarira. The leaders had come to exchange developmental ideals with the Mufti.

"Our constitution is very clear on the factors that are considered for the creation of new Muslim districts. So, it isn't meant to please some people that they are to become leaders rather bring services nearer to the communities,” Mubaje advised.

 Mubaje further elaborated that most of the Muslim districts created in the recent past haven't performed to the expectations

“Some of the Kadhis have not furnished us with any activity reports. So, based on that situation, we are planning for a field tour of the respective districts for fact finding very soon," he said.

The Mufti advised Kadhis who have failed to cause developmental ideas including implementation of already designed projects, will be better that they leave room for others to take up the responsibility. He said relevant UMSC organs might reemerge less performing districts to their old mother districts from which they were carved from.

Mubaje also advised the Kadhis to upgrade in attaining higher Islamic theological studies and that they should be exemplary in executing their religious duties in the communities and strive to keep away from vices such as corruption as much as possible.

He hailed the Muslims of Bunyoro- Toro Muslim region for the tremendous efforts they have rendered towards the construction of their headquarters at Bwikya Hill in Hoima City.

Sheikh Muhammad Ali Waiswa, the 2nd Deputy Mufti, advised Muslim leaders nationwide to internalise the UMSC constitution in the implementation of their activities.  

Leaders were also advised to intensify resource mobilisation for development and to streamline the remittances of the quarterly financial contributions from the lower structure as per the UMSC financial policy.

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