No one will force us to touch savers’ money- NSSF boss


The National Social Security Fund(NSSF) has assured members of the public that no one can push them to touch  their savings, amidst the ongoing power fight.

“I have not just worked in this environment. I have worked in different markets. The last thing anybody can do is push me. The  only thing I really do is (protect) my reputation,” acting NSSF Managing Director, Patrick Ayota responded to a question from journalists on Wednesday morning.

“The good thing people can write or  allege whatever they want but the test against a lie or truth is time. Either way, it will show whether or not it is true. We have processes in this fund.

With the NOTU chairman general Usher Wilson Owere, accusing Gender Minister Betty Amongi of witch-hunting   the former NSSF Managing Director Richard Byarugaba for refusal to carving Shs6 billion out of the fund’s budget , a leaked letter indicated that growing rift and power struggle at the fund.

In the 19-page letter, Amongi accused Byarugaba of being behind a litany of corruption incidents at the fund that she asked the NSSF board for answers and assurances about the former Managing Director’s integrity.

She insisted that renewing of Byarugaba’s contract will remain pending until the NSSF board clears the air on the allegations over abuse of office, corruption and mismanagement.

The IGG has since kicked off investigations into the allegations.

Many have since alleged that politicians are trying to use this state of affairs to take money out NSSF.

This state of affairs has tested the confidence of NSSF members with many expressing concern over the fate of their savings in the midst of the storm.

Speaking on Wednesday, the acting NSSF Managing Director allayed any fears saying no one will ever be allowed to get money out of the fund.

“Many used to think we have sacks of money somewhere that somebody just sends a chit so we go there and pull off the cash. This fund doesn’t have cash.  We have money but not cash that you find sitting anywhere. In totality among our 19 branches, if we replenished petty cash on the same day, you would have less than 30 million shillings in total across this network. This means if you colluded to get bare hands on the shs30 million, you have do it with all the 19 branches having to agree with you before you take it off. Otherwise, for the rest of the things, there is no cash but rather money is invested. The process to get it involves so many layers. It is not something you can just get,” Ayota said.

Attempts made

Ayota admitted that in the past, calls have been made to them to release funds but said NSSF stuck to its guns.

“Yeah, they have made calls but we always tell them you can’t do it against the law and they back off. Don’t worry about that we can be pushed by anybody. Anybody can write to the fund and ask anything. We get letters from the Rotarians, Catholic Church, mosques, schools and whatever it is. They can write to us for money but don’t get upset because somebody wrote and asked for money. The question should be whether we gave out the money. If you find out we did it and without a criteria, then be upset.”

The acting NSSF boss said no money has left the fund for any activity amidst the ongoing storm.

Ayota’s comments come at a time when many members are in suspense over the fate of their savings at NSSF owing to the ongoing power fights.

The power fights have seen NSSF go without a substantive Managing Director for more than a month with many opining that the fund is destined for trouble.




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