“I won’t allow you  belittle our revolutionaries”- Minister Kyofatogabye warns Lukwago on Saleh

Kampala Minister, Kabuye Kyofatogabye has said he is deeply involved in the bickering between the chief coordinator of the Operation Wealth Creation, Gen Salim Saleh and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, warning that he won’t allow revolutionaries belittled.

“A dog will never forget where it came from. I can’t look on and it will be a betrayal of our revolutionaries who planted the seeds of hope and peace we are enjoying for now 37 years. As a branch of hope got out of that seed, I can’t keep quiet. As a child of the revolution I can’t keep quiet because if I do, who will then talk about it,” Kyofatogabye said.

“These who came to enjoy and riding on the blood of our parents to start demeaning the few of our revolutionaries who are still alive. I can’t keep quiet.”

The Kampala Minister, a son to the late  Charles Kyofatogabye, a bush war hero who died in 1997 was on Thursday afternoon responding to questions from journalists about the impasse between the Gen Saleh and Lukwago.

The impasse started when Gen Saleh wrote a letter in which he said he had “withdrawn my support to your political battles” and the letter is said to have been addressed to Lukwago.

On Wednesday, Lukwago described the reports of the letter as crap that he said can’t waste his time.

“That is crap that I have taken to court. I don’t want to comment on their fabricated stories. From today, I want to put you on notice that as you continue fabricating stories, prepare to pay me,” Lukwago said in response to a question from journalists about the same.

Commenting about the same on Thursday, Minister Kyofatogabye said he was sucked into the war between the two when he realized Gen Saleh was being belittled.

The Kampala Minister explained that Gen Saleh’s reaction stemmed from utterances by the Kampala Lord Mayor during the botched end of year prayers organized by the opposition at Nsambya Sharing Hall.

“It was caused by irresponsible utterances made by the Lord Mayor during their theatric organized prayers. The Lord Mayor then said that a disciplined renowned Gen Saleh misuses his powers to an extent that he makes his seniors and particularly he pointed to the Vice President and the Prime Ministers to kneel before him. This unconstitutional and unacceptable,”Kyofatogabye said.

“I can finish explaining how disciplined and humble Gen Saleh is. How do you start alleging things you don’t know? This is a military case and can cause for the retired general to be court martialed for despising his seniors in the chain of command. I could not sit back and allow such to happen. As a self-appointed spokesperson for Gen Saleh, I cant allow demeaning by anyone.”

The minister said he will continue defending Gen Saleh against those who seek to belittle him.




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