UNAA could be without main artiste Eddy Yawe

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Ugandans in the diaspora under their umbrella UNAA continue to dig deep in trouble each week. From putting aside several months of fighting for the presidency and the board members, the group now have another hurdle.

The groups lead singer Eddy Yawe could sit out their upcoming convention in Seattle after news filtered in citing the tukigale singer could have failed to get himself a visa.

According to Bukedde news website, the singer is being punished for overstaying his Visa ten years ago when he traveled to Boston Massachusetts.

However, Yawe denies being denied visa, claiming that his passport is still with the Canadian embassy.

Yawe’s problems emanated from a deal he had signed with another Ugandan diaspora association, UNAA Causes, together with his affiliate singing band-Afrigo.

But immediately after contracting, UNAA rushed to lure Yawe with a staggering cash pay out which he dully accepted and broke off from Afrigo citing less pay.

The two Ugandan diaspora groups have had a scramble for artistes for quite some time, with UNAA always falling short due to internal problems.

This year with the UNAA Causes announcing Afrigo band live on a boat cruise through the night, their rivals UNAA also announced a boat cruise but shared three pictures of different boats, earning themselves criticism for be dubious.

Last year, singing duo Radio and Weasel shunned the UNAA convention on the last day after being announced for months, the singers claimed UNAA failed to raise the required financial end of the deal.

In 2016, the group after losing out main artists to UNAA Causes chose comedians including Roy Kapale, but fell out immediately as Kapale claimed he was treated like a dog in Boston. The comedian claims he was neither paid nor had a place to sleep and was saved by a Ugandan who accommodated him in his condominium’s couch.


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