Museveni dines with Biden amidst lacklustre pro-NUP protests outside Whitehouse

A section of anti-Museveni protestors headed by Daniel Kawuma, the National Unity Platform(NUP) team leader for USA and Hillary Taylor who had vowed to make Museveni’s visit to the USA cumbersome remained upset following Museveni’s dinner with Joe Biden.

Kawuma and the group had set camp at the different venues where they expected President Museveni to be. Still, they did not chance at him, slowly dispersing and taking to social media instead.

The group had insisted that President Museveni would not make it to the White House, however, Museveni in the company of his daughter Natasha Karugire arrived at the WhiteHouse and dined with Biden and the First lady of the United States.

“The United States at the #USAfricaLeadersSummit22 chose to stand with the oppressors in Uganda at the expense of the oppressed People,” Kawuma commented later.

Kawuma chose to transfer the protests to Chicago where President Museveni is expected to launch the first-ever US-Uganda investment summit.

“For our comrades in Chicago and surrounding states. Get your winter jackets on and make your voice heard Friday, December 16th,” Kawuma roared.

The development follows prior efforts by the same opposition to have president Museveni un-invited for the US-Africa Leaders Summit, but all plans were futile.

President Museveni has not expressed himself on the matter, however, during the summit he called for cooperation between the USA and Uganda in the health field.

“From Uganda’s point of view, we invite friends and brothers (Africans) to cooperate with   us   in   the   production   of   vaccines   and pharmaceuticals for the improvement of global health,” he said

“Collaboration between the USA and Africa will enable the World to get cheaper medicines and vaccines. It is not correct to produce unaffordable medicines on account of using expensive inputs when Countries like Uganda can produce those inputs cheaply,” he added.

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