Woman gives birth at police where she had gone to report case of negligence

On Friday, police at Nagalama helped an 18 year old woman to give birth to a baby at the station where she had gone to report a case of negligence.

According to police, this mother identified as Amina Nakaweesi had gone to report a case of neglect and failure to provide by her parents during her pregnancy since the man responsible for her pregnancy had disappeared.

In a statement, Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango said that Amina, a resident of Katega village in Kabembe area travelled on foot  over 12kms to CPS Nagalama to report her plight.

“On arrival, she went into labour pains and was seen by the DPC SP Simon Syamutsangira, the crime intelligence officer and a lab technician who transported her in a patrol car at the station. Arrangements were made and at the health centre  a clinical officer who was inside the clinic made her deliver,” he said.

“After attending to her, she was discharged and safely transported by Police team back to her village,” he added.

The police division management also mobilised some financial assistance for the mother to get the baby some basic needs.

However, the spokesperson revealed that officers established that the parents to the new mother had abandoned her when she conceived a second child without informing them who the father is. She  was chased from home.

It is alleged that she ran to the area LC1 chairperson who also sent her away after spending some days at his residence.

“Nakaweesi has also never seen her mother since she was born and her father has never told her who she is. She grew up with the grandmother and studied up to P.6,” Onyango said.

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