Do not call me back unless there is a change in this area, Museveni tells event organisers in Mayuge

President Museveni told organisers of the Bishop Hannington Day Celebrations in Kyando, Mayuge District not to bother calling him for another such event unless the area exhibits a change in general infrastructural development and poverty alleviation.

President Museveni had travelled by road to the venue and exclaimed that he was disappointed with the works of government officials and politicians in the area, noting that the people have not been helped enough to get out of poverty.

Museveni wondered how the people were living through poverty while having leaders. Before turning to the stakeholders to complain about the state of the gardens.

“The gardens are so lacking, this is because these leaders are not telling you my message,” Museveni complained.

He then started on the state of the road in the area, before concluding that he will not return for another event in the area unless things change.

“I do not want to come back here for the next celebrations when the road is not tarmacked,” Museveni said amidst chants from the congregation.

Museveni suggested that the people of Busoga would get themselves on a proper economic trajectory by engaging in pall oil growing, which he notes has the capacity to contribute Shs20m household income on a monthly basis.

He said the government will support those who intend to take it on seriously, adding that the four acre-model should be the guiding principle, where coffee and sugarcane are not forgotten.

He thanked Busoga leaders led by first deputy prime minister Rebeca Kadaga for helping government recognize Bishop Hannington for the great work he did in promoting Christianity.

“If it was not them, we would not have come up to realize   what great job this innocent man did, “he said

The First Deputy Prime Minister Rebecca Kadaga urged the government to turn Kyando memorial site into a modern area that can be used for purposes of tourism and improve the income of the Mayuge district and the nation at large.

The third deputy prime minister Rukia Nakadama urged the government to help increase on prices of sugarcane since it has rendered more locals in the Busoga subregion become poor.

“People now no longer have good prices for the cane they sell, “she said

Thousands of Christians from all over the country braved the little drizzle to witness the proceedings of Hannington day besides kissing the rock which serves as a death point for Bishop Hannington.

The president later commissioned a multi-billion hotel constructed by first deputy prime minister Rebeca Kadaga named in memory of the late Bishop Hannington.

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