Born Agains pray for Kadaga over age limit, cleanse her with holy oil

Born Again Christian leaders from different denominations throughout the country On Friday prayed for the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga for God’s guidance in handling matters of the House amidst the age limit commotion.

The Christians led by Bishop Julius Oyet of Life Line Ministries turned the parliament chambers into a prayers clerical as they anointed Ms Kadaga with holy oil and blew trumpets in invocation of God’s spirit of guidance.

They also prayed for sanity to return to parliament if the country is to ‘maintain’ democracy as before.

After prayers, the Christians petitioned Ms Kadaga for a peaceful discussion over the contentious Age Limit debate.

In the petition, Christians condemned the events on September 27 when fracas broke out in parliament after security operatives stormed the house to evict a section of MPs that had been suspended by the speaker.

“We strongly oppose that since Article 1 of the constitution states that power belongs to the people, let the people choose how they want to be governed through regular, free and fair debate and eventual elections,” the petition reads in part.

They also argued that the upper and lower age limits for a presidential candidate and District Chairperson are discriminatory against a certain section of Ugandans.

Speaker Kadaga later forwarded the petition to the legal and constitutional review commission and pledged to have their views considered.

“I will make sure they invite you and hear from you directly” Kadaga said.

In May this year, Ms Kadaga came under scrutiny when a video of her visiting a shrine at Nhendha hill in Iganga District, circulated on social media.

Church of Uganda Archbishop Stanley Ntagali publicly condemned Kadaga’s visit to the shrine saying the church was “disappointed and confused by her actions.”

“Like many Ugandans, Christians in the Church of Uganda prayed for Honourable Rebecca Kadaga for her re-election as MP and Speaker of Parliament. We rejoiced when the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ opened both doors for her to serve the people of Uganda again. Like many, we were, therefore, confused by the reports of her visiting her ancestral shrine to give thanks for her re-election,” he said.

However, Kadaga in her defence noted that her visit was in respect to clan traditions of paying respect to elders and to promote tourism. She urged Ugandans to rediscover their roots and respect them as a basis for moral and spiritual growth.

She added that a person in her caliber should be an advocate for cultural and religious tourism no wonder she went in the blaze of thousands of cameras.

Archbishop Ntagali was not amused either way for he said: “We value our ancestors because we are connected to them. But, we must always trust only in God. We no longer need to go through the spirits of the dead because Jesus is our hope and protector.”





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