Ugandans in North America start campaigns for Presidency

It is yet another year for the Ugandans in North America under their umbrella body UNAA to head to the polls in a bid to elect an individual for the most coveted position of President.

The process, filled with marriages of convenience, abrupt coalitions, intrigue and propaganda indeed rarely ends without a fight.

Currently led by NRM’s Henrietta Wamala, UNAA, Uganda’s oldest diaspora association has already kickstarted campaigns, unceremoniously inviting stakeholders and well-wishers. The final tally of the vote will take place at the Association’s annual convention on September 3rd 2023 in Dallas, Texas.

Wamala has had a cumbersome tenure, ruling in the middle of the covid-19 pandemic and a chaotic diaspora impacted by the Uganda election period of 2021.

However, since the constitution allows for only a two-term tenure, Wamala, according to sources would most likely want to further her regime by handpicking a successor in Lambert Etibot, the Association’s Executive Secretary and loyalist.

Lambert on the other side finds himself sandwiched in competition from Dallas’Patrick Ogwang, whose close ties with former UNAA president Monday Atigo will most likely throw in a spanner in Wamala’s works.

Steven Osito of Los Angeles, California has also decided to contest for UNAA’s Presidency making this even steeper than it started.

Sources Nile Post has contacted in North America have predicted a mouth-watering contest, urging that Wamala’s tight grip on UNAA’s power needs a shock wave and indeed the mathematics have started.

Analysts of the precampaign period argue that how the convention is set up next year is key to the results that Wamala wants.

And what an opportune time that both groups have chosen to hold their conventions at nose and mouth venues in Dallas.

Wamala, according to sources has a specific interest in serving as the chairperson of UNAA’s Board of Trustees and being sitting president would mean she has an edge in deciding who walks home with the votes.

Game on.

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