Watchman Ministries' Kabuleta urges Ugandans to watch out for end times

The lead pastor at the Watchman Ministries, Joseph Kabuleta on Saturday held this year’s edition of the Watchers Conference at UMA grounds in which he urged Ugandans to watch out for end times.

The conference attracted over 3000 from different parts of the country.

Preaching to the masses, Kabuleta  argued that there are a series of activities perpetuated by humans that signify, as prophesied in the bible, that the end times are near.

He  demonstrated that present day technology, diseases that amount to the magnitude of pandemics, wars among other forms of human engineered world havoc; represent the biblical prophecies of end times, cautioning masses against getting excited by technology.

Kabuleta  opined that while technology can present a panoply of solutions, it presents, in a far more dangerous form, the threat of losing control, individuality or privacy as we know it.

“Technology can enhance our standard of living no doubt. At a more advanced level; technology  has presented the opportunity to enhance man’s abilities, both cognitive and otherwise. But while that is undoubtedly a huge score in the direction of enhancing general human social economic productivity, it poses the threat of handing over the control of our lives to the people who own and run this technology,” Kabuleta said.

While showcasing a series of technology, entrepreneurial based and pharmacy video excerpts, he mentioned that what the perpetrators of these technological innovations seek is to entice users, especially in Africa, to subconsciously relinquish control of their lives to them.

Some of the people who attended the conference.

“The pharmacy moguls and medicine manufacturers can formulate a cure, but they choose to create dosages to make you depend on the pharmacy for your livelihood.  The technology uses data generated off of your activity on their (technology) platform to understand you and hence have the ability to influence your decisions. For instance, do you realize how much time social media has robbed you of, whether in the work or personal spaces? It is part of many intentional maneuvers to control the narrative for the subsequence of perpetrating movements that degrade people’s individual potential and abilities. Technology is as big a threat to human jobs as it is to their livelihoods,” Kabuleta explained.

He mentioned that the control world governments exerted during the Covid19 pandemic correlates with what will happen when the real mark of the beast in Revelations 13:16-8 is made mainstream.

He said that the pandemic would have rather been called a ‘plandemic’ because it was all carefully planned and crafted by the new world order to impose a new system of control based governance.

Kabuleta claimed that some  people went far enough as to book the patent of the drug before the disease even broke out.

He displayed visual evidence of the drying up of the River Euphrates as a fulfillment of a Bible prophecy of an army of 200 million soldiers that will fight in the nuclear World War III written in Revelation 9:13-21.

The journalist cum pastor also  cited verse 15 to assert that a third of mankind will die in this war; this is currently the equivalent of 2.6 billion people.

He used a number of other examples and elaborated, with precision and eloquence, how all the analogies work together to attest to the realization of the prophetic calendar as documented by the bible.


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