Lukwago: "I have never seen a 'reckless' general like Muhoozi"

Kampala Lord Mayor, Erias Lukwago has claimed that  Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s recent 'political' pronouncements clearly indicate that a new agenda of politics of succession is in play.

Lukwago made the remarks while making a presentation at the State of the nation debate on whether Uganda needs transition or succession organised by the People's Front for Transition (PFT) at JEEMA Offices in Kampala.

Lukwago said Muhoozi's birthday celebrations across the country could be a sign that he is being prepared to succeed his father.

Several activities in the past three weeks have been organized in several parts of the country to celebrate the 48th birthday for Lt Gen Muhoozi.

"They are driving a new agenda, their agenda for succession or to push for succession. This is now the new phenomenon we have. The new dimension of the entrenchment of a personal rule, new entrenchment of dictatorship in this country. We need to pull up our socks," said Lukwago.

He said it appears Muhoozi has been cleared by his father to succeed him as president adding that this could plunge the country into a crisis.

"We must say no to this drama we are witnessing. We must say no. My call is lets bury our differences; the partisan interests we have. We all belong to different political formations; it is not time for us to compete against each other. It is not time for us to draw daggers against each other,” he said.

He explained the opposition's need to fight against state machineries unleashed by the regime against its people.

"It is the people against the state, that is the fight. The state which has been hijacked. The state which is in the hands of individuals. Now is that same state machinery, they are now putting in the hands of this reckless Gen Muhoozi, very reckless. I have never seen a very reckless four-star Gen like Muhoozi. Extremely reckless,” he said.

Lukwago compared Muhoozi’s level of recklessness to North Korean president Kim Jong-un, calling upon Ugandans not to accept him.

"Apart from the gun and the birthday certificate reading that Museveni is his father, what else does he have to show that he is qualified to be in charge of state affairs?" he queried.

He said that the debate on who will be the next president or which political party is more popular is a dangerous and diversionary debate that needs to stop.



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