“Respect my brand,” says Juliana after pulling out of private event turned concert (video)

Songstress Juliana Kanyomozi has revealed that she pulled out of Soul &RnB Safari show because the organisers breached the terms and conditions.

According to Juliana, on booking her, the organiser, Shaka Majanja had informed her manager that she would perform at a private show of approximately 200 invited guests.

“He told us the show would be only invitational. He also told us I would perform only about four to five songs. The description he gave us sounded like a private event,” Kanyomozi said on NBS Uncut.

The Sanyu Lyange singer, however, says that while attending the media launch for the event, they were shocked to find out that the event was being marketed as a concert rather than a private show.

“There were tickets which all went for Shs120,000. Immediately, the event had turned from a private one to what seemed like a concert. So, after the press conference, my manager contacted him ( Shaka) about the issue.”


She says, despite her manager’s pleas to Shaka to change the posters, nothing was done which prompted her team to pull out of the event.

“Before I made my Instagram post, we had first contacted him to inform him about our decision to pull out unless he changed the posters,”

Kanyomozi told Uncut’s Kays that she won’t perform at the event slated for next month because she has a brand to protect.

“You have to think about me as well because I have worked hard for this brand for many years. So, I can’t put it at a risk. I can’t put it on the line especially if someone doesn’t respect me.” Kanyomozi explained.

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