Bobi Wine: "Who are 'Kikankane,' we don't know them in NUP"

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The National Unity Platform (NUP) party president Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has denied that the the ‘Kikankane’ group is affiliated with the party after its members met President Museveni on Thursday.

The group of 91 youth who identified themselves to Museveni as formerly supporters of NUP met the president after undergoing mindset change and leadership training at the Institute of Security and Intelligence Studies.

But this Friday, Bobi Wine denied knowledge of existence of this group and said neither he nor NUP leaders know any of the members of the group in question, adding that these could be some LDUs who who were picked from somewhere.

NUP leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine

“Who knows these people who Museveni paraded yesterday as NUP supporters? Who knows about a group called "Kikankane" allegedly affiliated with NUP? The desperate dictator must have picked some LDUs somewhere and claimed that they were our supporters. None of our leaders knows any of these people,” Bobi Wine said.

The NUP president added that there is a possibility that a group of schemers took some random people to Museveni , claiming they were NUP supporters, in order to con him of billions of tax payers' money.

Bobi Wine also questioned the decision to dress the group members in military uniforms yet they claimed they were civilians.

He accused Museveni of applying double standards by keeping hundreds of NUP supporters in jail for putting on military-like attires whereas other civilians are freely and publicly putting on military uniforms.

“One of our first assignments as a nation when the dictatorship is gone, will be to professionalise the national army and get it out of partisan politics! Museveni continues to abuse the army because he views it as his personal property, the same way he views all institutions,” Bobi Wine said.

Yesterday, Col Charles Oluka, the Director General of Internal Security Organisation, claimed that part of the 91 were commanders of different NUP youth-led groups who took part in the November 2020 riots and demonstrations around Kampala prior to the January 2021 elections.

Oluka revealed that the group was taken through political education including NRM ideological pillars of patriotism, pan Africanism, social economic transformation and democracy among others.

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