Opposition MPs are seeking political capital through age limit fracas- Museveni spokesperson

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Senior Presidential Press Secretary, Don Wanyama has labeled the recent fracas in parliament a procedure by opposition legislators to gain political capital.

Appearing on NBS TV this morning, Mr Wanyama said that the legislators who were involved in the fracas at parliament as well as those who have turned vociferous over the age limit issue are only playing to the gallery but harbour selfish interests.

Mr Wanyama was on a panel of discussion with Ms Irene Ovonji who is the current CEO of FIDA Uganda, one of the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) that have made known their stand against removal of the age limit.

“The opposition had believed that they would filibuster this discussion by basically not letting it happen, they were overrating themselves, it was a poor strategy,” Mr Wanyama said.

“For individual MPs involved in this fracas, definitely have had their political fortunes have shot up and most of them are doing it specifically for that purpose, not for their wider political gain as opposition, they were only playing for the camera. What is happening is totally legal and acceptable by constitution, amendments are allowed,” he added.

However, Ms Ovonji refuted the submissions by Wanyama, highlighting that the matter is not tied to party but a general voice of people.

“Who is going to reelect these MPs playing to the gallery, its Ugandans out there.I do not applaud their conduct, but what are their options?” Ovonji said.

“This is not an opposition and NRM issue but that of Ugandans looking at the future against short sighted people seeking selfish interests,” she added

Ms Ovungi called for a peaceful transfer of power from Mr Museveni, citing that it is the peoples wish to see power change hands.

However, Mr Wanyama questioned what procedure Ms Ovonji and the rest of the CSO’s use to reach their conclusion.

“Civil Societies give the impression that it’s the people who send them to talk on their behalf. For them to assume that being head of delegation funded by whatever gives them mandate to represent the people’s voice is wrong,” he said.

“When did these CSO’s sit with people to find their view? Ovonji and her colleagues should know that no one is going to let you trip into power by mistake,” he added.

On Wednesday September 27, Parliament turned into battle ground when 25 legislators who were given marching orders by Speaker Kadaga defied.

Security operatives swarmed the House and plucked them out one by one, in the process  starting a fist fight.

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