Mpuuga: "The state wants to divide us but they won't succeed"

Following the National Unity Platform retreat that was conducted last week,there have been reports of growing disagreements with the leadership and its legislators.

However, the Leader of Opposition in Parliament, Mathias Mpuuga, has dismissed the claims arguing that these are creations of the state.

"This is probably a figment of somebody's wild imagination. I belong to the top organs of the party, and meetings sit as and when it is necessary. I have not heard a policy or decision disagreement to the level I have seen in some form of a shabbily cooked story," he said.

He explained that some of the media reports indicating split among the top NUP leaders are misplaced and they are meant to foment disagreements in the rank and file of the National Unity Platform.

"A party is an organisation in the public domain; not somebody's estate. If there are any fundamental departures on positions or approaches, they are openly discussed, and such can't constitute a fissure in the party," he noted.

Mpuuga alleged that some sections of the media are part of the state apparatus and want to see the NUP disintegrate.

"I want to disappoint them that it is not about to happen. When we meet, we deliberate on issues within and without the party in the country, in Parliament among others. We are not a bunch of fools that whenever an issue comes, we chorus about it; we deliberate," he said.





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