NRM's Muwonge appears "shocked" by his win in Kayunga


From the body language shortly after the Electoral Commission announced him winner in the hotly contested Kayunga LCV by election, NRM's Andrew Muwonge appeared surprised by the turn of events.

According to the results, Muwonge polled 31, 830 votes against NUP's Harriet Nakwedde's 31, 380 votes, a margin of 500 votes.

Swarmed by journalists after the announcement, Muwonge, stammering, said he will work to ensure that he serves all the people of Kayunga.

Yet his facial expression was that of someone who was deeply relieved and surprised. He was like a death row convict waiting to be hanged only to be told at the last minute that his sentence has been revoked.

There was no jubilation at the tally centre. A deathly silence engulfed the room only broken briefly by Nakwedde's protestations.

Outside the tally centre, there was heavy security deployment. Muwonge was whisked away to an unknown place.

Our reporters on the ground talked about a solemn mood in town as supporters of Nakwedde tried to come to terms with the announcement.

For most part of the tallying process, Nakwedde was in a comfortable lead until early morning today when results from some areas started tilting the race in Muwonge's favour.

NUP officials have cried foul and rejected the results. The ground appears set for a legal confrontation.

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