Gov’t has turned women murders into a joke – Besigye

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Forum for Democratic Change and opposition strongman Dr.Kizza Besigye has said government has taken lightly the recent wave of women murders especially in Wakiso district, turning it into a joke.

Over 20 women have been brutally killed in Nansana and Entebbe areas of Wakiso district in the last three months before being dumped by assailants; some of the women have been raped and sticks inserted into their mouths and private parts.

Addressing a news conference on Saturday at his office along Katonga road in Kampala,Besigye said the matter touching a fundamental right of citizens has not been taken seriously by government, a situation he said is alarming.

“It started as an ordinary crime but has got established as a pattern of killing woman in a particular way and throwing them around,” Besigye said.

“Government has however on the other side in a disgraceful way trivialized and turned the matter into a joke.”

Speaking to residents in Kasenyi, Katabi town council in Wakiso district on Thursday, the Inspector General of Police, Gen.Kale Kayihura said there is need to register all girls and women in relationships because some of the women have been killed by lovers.

"Many of these girls have multiple partners which is a problem because some of the girls have been killed by lovers due to cheating. There is need to register all girls but I don’t know how it will be done," Gen.Kayihura said attracting laughter from the residents.

For the four-time presidential candidate, such a statement was demeaning to girls and women not only in Wakiso but the entire country.He says such statements by someone speaking on behalf of government was contempt for women.

“The statements were suggesting that women are inviting (murder) themselves. This matter of women murders has been vulgarised by government,” he says.

Internal Affairs Minister Jeje Odongo’s statement to parliament recently said that the people behind the murders are ‘illuminati’ which Besigye says is appalling for a government official to utter such a statement.

“It is as if the crime is orchestrated by treasure hunters. It is appalling.”

Besigye urged that there is need for an independent forensic investigation into the murders which he said might soon extend to other parts of the country.

“Since the state and its organs have abdicated their responsibility of protecting the people, we need to carry out an independent investigation so as to zero down onto who is killing our women.”

“We need to know whether it is an ordinary crime or not.”

The statement by Besigye comes against the backdrop of an appeal by Gen.Kayihura to politicians against bashing police on murder of women in Entebbe and Nansana areas of Wakiso.

"Politicians should stop putting us under pressure to get the killers because investigation is a scientific process. Be fair to us. You can judge if we are negligent but we have not failed."He added,” You are blaming us but what have you done yourself about the matter?”

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