Bobi Wine misses Zambia president's inauguration, says trip was frustrated


National Unity Platform (NUP) president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has disclosed that his efforts to attend the new Zambia’s president inauguration have been frustrated despite receiving an invite.

Zambia’s new president,Hakainde Hichilema was on Tuesday afternoon sworn in to officially take office from outgoing president, Edgar Chagwa Lungu in a colourful event in Lusaka.

Hakainde Hichilema sworn in today as Zambia president

The NUP leader, who has always called Hichilema his close ally, was a no show, despite claiming earlier that he would attend the swearing in.

In a Facebook post, Kyagulanyi has now said that his efforts to attend the event were frustrated although he had received his invite.

Kyagulanyi however did not reveal who frustrated his efforts, although he promised to expound on the matter in the coming days.

“Yesterday night. I communicated to President Hakainde’s inauguration committee and expressed deep regrets for not attending this momentous event, after all my efforts to travel to Zambia were frustrated,” Kyagulanyi said in a post.

“In the coming days, I will issue a statement giving further details. Nonetheless, I remain very grateful for the invitation.”

Kyagulanyi said in a recent interview that the new Zambia president is a close friend with whom they even recorded a song together.

The song titled “Alone Together” was recorded remotely with Kyagulanyi and Zambia’s new president headlining it with several other leaders.

Kyagulanyi congratulated the people of Zambia for “showing the way” and said it is now a duty of this generation to ensure the peaceful transitions become normal in Africa.

The NUP leader also congratulated the now former president Lungu, for the character he expressed to graciously accept defeat.

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