Minister Kutesa's son joins sister on list of honorary consuls


Sam Kutesa's son Ingah Kutesa has been appointed Oman's Honorary Consul to Uganda.

Ingah, a businessman, joins his sister Ishta Kutesa Muganga who was last year appointed in a similar position on behalf of Israel.

Ingah Kutesa

An analyst of international diplomacy said the appointment of Kutesa's children as consuls raises questions of whether merit was a factor in the selection or whether family ties played a big role.

Sam Kutesa has been a mainstay on Uganda's political scene for the last 40 years. Last year, he opted not to seek re-election as MP for Mawogola, a seat he had occupied since 1996.

He was replaced by his daughter Shartsi Kutesa.

A source at the ministry of Foreign Affairs told The Nile Post that honorary consuls are appointed with recommendation of influential people in host countries.

"They consider many factors but the most important one is one's standing in society. Their influence and connections," the source said.

Ishta Kutesa presenting her credentials to Oryem in May last year

While the position comes with no pay, it opens up one to numerous opportunities.

Inga's appointment according to news reports was made by the Oman Foreign Affairs minister Badr Albusaidi.

He presented his credentials last week to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kampala at a function presided over the state minister for Foreign Affairs, Henry Okello Oryem.

According to press reports, Oryem congratulated the new envoy upon his appointment and asked him to further promote and cement the good relations between the two countries.


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