A month later, Ssenyonyi returns the excess money given to him by parliament for Ssegirinya 

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The Leader of Opposition in the Parliament, Joel Ssenyonyi, has informed the media that he has reimbursed the surplus money allocated for his visit to Nairobi, Kenya, to check on the health status of Kawmepe North's Muhammad Ssengirinya, who is undergoing treatment there.

In February, Ssenyonyi, along with other opposition leaders, travelled to the Kenyan capital to visit their ailing colleague at the Aga Khan University Hospital.

Ssengirinya is battling various illnesses, including skin cancer and gastrointestinal complications, and was urgently taken to Nairobi on January 9th due to deterioration in his condition.

Reports indicate that Ssenyonyi was allocated approximately Shs 36 million Ugandan for the trip to visit the sick and bedridden Ssengirinya.

However, records show that he only stayed for a brief period while the funds were processed for the entire duration of their anticipated stay.

Addressing the media in Kampala on Thursday, Ssenyonyi clarified the situation, stating that he had only planned to spend one night in Nairobi and promptly returned to fulfil his other duties.

However, he discovered that the funds allocated were processed for five days instead of the one day he intended to be present.

"I clearly stated my intention to stay for one night and promptly returned to fulfil my other commitments. However, I was surprised to find that funds were processed for five days, contrary to my plans," he explained.

Ssenyonyi emphasized the importance of accountability among leaders, acknowledging the existence of an accountability office in Parliament responsible for deducting any extra days' expenses from their emoluments in subsequent months.

"Any surplus days are deducted from our emoluments in the following months. I promptly submitted the excess funds, anticipating their deduction from my March emoluments. However, the process was delayed, and I opted to reimburse the amount myself to expedite the matter," he stated.

He further elaborated that he did not wish to prolong the process, especially considering that deductions were slated for April, which he found unacceptable.

"I withdrew the funds from my account and deposited them in the accountability office, ensuring swift resolution of the issue. Accountability should be a priority for all of us," he said.

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