If you are in love with a Muslim, you need to read this

It is the Holy month of Ramadan and the biggest threat after food is sex. It becomes harder if a Muslim is in a relationship with someone who is not a Muslim.

The second hardest part of the relationship where a Muslim is dating a non-Muslim is the other person understanding the nitty-gritty of Ramadan. Most of these relationships end before, during, or after Ramadan.

These relationships fail because one, the Muslim is not sure if the other person will stay faithful til the month of Ramadan is done. Two, the non-Muslim will keep wondering how serious the relationship will ever be when they differ so much in faith.

Ramadan is a very important part of Muslims and it is only when you understand this that you can fully fall in love with not just the person but everything they stand for.

You may not necessarily convert to Islam, but you must understand the religion to fully love your person, and if it means going a month without having some, so be it. Trust me the next time you entangle, it will all be worth it.

Step back and let your person enjoy Ramadan. It is just a few days, you won't die. Ask the right questions. Don't over-check in. Emotional drainage shouldn't be the reason you break someone’s fast.

Let them go about their days and when they do need to reach out, they will. They know Ramadan more than you do so let them dictate the terms of communication just this once.

Muslims delivered one of the most enjoyable things about sex. At least that is where it all began. Those circumcised human beings have redefined great sex. Once you ride a circumcised machine gun, you can never go back.

You don't want to lose a good person because of horn. You can understand this as much as you want them to understand when you say you have to spend time with your family during Christmas.

Ramadan makes everything pure. It brings out the best in human beings. You must live those moments with your person. And then when it is all done, wait for the mind-blowing sex.

A circumcised machine gun is as neat as they come. Very rare to find one that isn't. You want to go down on it and ride it with the same energy. Don't lose a good machine gun because of something as graceful as Ramadan.

Till next time, Ramadan Kareem.

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