Rubanda Traders Decry Poor Hygiene and Security at Market

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Rubanda Traders Decry Poor Hygiene and Security at Market
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Traders at Karukara market in Rubanda district are fuming over poor hygiene and sanitation conditions at the market. The weekly market attracts over 500 traders and customers from several districts, but there are only two toilets for everyone.

Levi Owoyesigyere, the chairperson of the market traders, highlighted the lack of proper sanitation facilities. The toilets originally used a water system, but malfunctioning tanks have forced traders to resort to using unclean pit latrines. "The stench is unbearable and drives customers away," Owoyesigyere lamented.

Traders also expressed concerns about security, noting an increase in theft and a lack of permanent security personnel. They emphasized that they pay taxes but feel the services provided by the authorities do not reflect the fees collected.

"We've complained numerous times about the hygiene and security issues, but nothing has been done," a trader said.

Efforts to reach Justus Ampeire Hamurwa, the town clerk of Hamurwa Town Council, for comment were unsuccessful. He initially claimed to be busy and then redirected the reporter to the Rubanda communications officer.

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