Missing Land Title Stalls Renovation of Kakyeka War Memorial Stadium

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Missing Land Title Stalls Renovation of Kakyeka War Memorial Stadium
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Pedson Mumbere

The cheers of fans once echoed through the Kakyeka War Memorial Stadium, home to Mbarara City Football Club. Built in 1984, the stadium stood as a testament to local sporting spirit, its bleachers a vibrant tapestry of 10,000 passionate supporters. But a storm cloud loomed over the arena.

Dreams of renovation were dashed against a harsh reality - the land title for the stadium had vanished. David Muhwezi, the new Chief Administrative Officer, discovered the empty file upon taking office. Photocopies mocked him, offering no legal weight for the construction project.

The missing document triggered a scramble. Authorities reported the case to the police, their gaze fixed on the former CAO, Edward Kasagara. He now held the unenviable position of explaining the title's disappearance.

President Museveni's vision of a revamped stadium, complete with a spanking new perimeter wall built by the army and the National Housing Corporation, seemed to recede further into the distance. The 1.5 billion shillings allocated by the government in November 2023 lay dormant, a promise unfulfilled.

Construction, slated to begin in July 2023 and be completed by December, was now a waiting game. The once lively stadium stood silent, a monument to the past, its future hanging in the balance. Would the missing title resurface, or would the cheers of the crowd remain a fading memory? Only time will tell.

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