JEEMA calls on government to clarify sanctions imposed on speaker Among, other officials

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JEEMA calls on government to clarify sanctions imposed on speaker Among, other officials

Justice Forum (JEEMA) has urged the government to provide clarity on its position regarding the recent sanctions imposed by the US and UK governments against the Speaker of Parliament and other officials.

The United States recently imposed sanctions on five public officials in Uganda, including Among and a former Deputy Chief of Defence Forces, as part of their efforts to combat corruption and human rights violations.

These sanctions followed similar actions taken by the United Kingdom, which announced sanctions against the leader of the National Assembly and two former ministers.

In a statement, the US State Department highlighted Among's involvement in significant corruption related to her leadership of Uganda's parliament as the reason for imposing sanctions.

JEEMA President Asuman Basalirwa emphasized the importance of informing the people of Uganda about the government's stance on this matter.

"The public demands transparency regarding the government's response to the allegations that the Speaker is being targeted due to her stance on LGBT issues," Basalirwa said.

He expressed dissatisfaction with the president's acknowledgement of corruption as a national challenge, deeming it insufficient. Basalirwa also criticized the offer of amnesty to perpetrators without remorse, which he deemed unacceptable.

"Furthermore, the President's admission of corruption within his household is deeply concerning. We urge him to take decisive action to address these issues during the budget presentation," Basalirwa added.

Basalirwa pointed out that President Museveni's recent State of the Nation Address failed to adequately address several critical concerns that are crucial to the nation's progress.

He called on the president to revisit and urgently address these outstanding issues.

"The prolonged detention of innocent political prisoners in both authorized and unauthorized detention centres violates their right to access justice," Basalirwa explained.

He further stated that the president should order the unconditional release of these prisoners, following the customary practice of granting amnesty during significant occasions like this.

Basalirwa also highlighted the president's failure to address the Supreme Court's directive to implement reforms two years before the elections.

"JEEMA insists on the implementation of key reforms, including the announcement of final results at polling stations, the incumbent President's disengagement from the presidency during the campaign period, and the appointment of the Electoral Commission through a neutral public agency," he asserted.

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