Justice Finds a Home: Uganda's Judiciary Saves Millions with New Courthouses

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Justice Finds a Home: Uganda's Judiciary Saves Millions with New Courthouses
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A new era dawns for Ugandan justice. The Judiciary, once burdened by rent payments, can finally breathe easy. The grand opening of the magnificent Twin Towers – the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal – marks the end of an era defined by hefty rent bills.

Chief Justice Alfonse Owiny Dollo, presiding over the commissioning ceremony, announced a sigh of relief for the Judiciary. These state-of-the-art structures, gracing Kampala's Constitutional Square, will slash a staggering Shs. 6 billion annually in rent.

"This is a monumental shift," declared Dollo. "Not only do these structures save us money, but they represent the Judiciary's dedication to progress."

This dedication extends beyond the capital. Dollo highlighted the Judiciary's ongoing infrastructure expansion. By establishing 38 High Court circuits across the country, they're ensuring justice is no longer a distant dream for many Ugandans. Previously, some residents faced journeys exceeding 100 kilometres to reach a High Court.

However, the fight for a fully functional justice system isn't over. Dollo urged President Museveni to uphold his 2021 pledge – an increase in the Judiciary's budget to Shs. 800 billion. This vital funding would fuel further recruitment of judicial officers and the construction of additional courthouses, ultimately creating a more accessible and efficient justice system for all Ugandans.

While the Supreme and Appeal Courts celebrate their new home, the quest for a permanent residence continues for other court divisions. The Civil Division, Land Division, and Family Division, among others, still operate from rented spaces.

The future of Ugandan justice gleams brighter today. With a permanent home for its top courts and a commitment to expansion, the Judiciary is well on its way to delivering justice for all.

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