Educationists advocate for continuous assessment, training for science teachers

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Educationists advocate for continuous assessment, training for science teachers
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Educationists have urged the government to conduct ongoing refresher courses for science teachers to enhance performance in this field.

Ibrahim Abbas, an educationist and science teacher, emphasized the importance of science laboratories in high schools. He noted that while these laboratories are essential components, many teachers lack familiarity with the equipment, leading to subpar performance.

"It requires continuous assessment and training for these teachers if we are to improve the performance of science subjects in this country. Over the years, we have faced challenges where teachers lack proficiency in using laboratory equipment; they only fully interact with them when students are preparing for exams," he said.

The government has prioritized the teaching of science subjects and increased the salaries of science teachers to four million, aiming to motivate them for effective delivery. However, despite these efforts, many students still perform poorly.

According to national examiners UNEB, inadequate laboratory equipment in schools is one reason for students' failure in science subjects. Some students and teachers encounter certain equipment for the first time during their final exams.

Biology, Chemistry, and Physics have been compulsory subjects for lower-secondary students for a long time. Despite various initiatives, these subjects continue to pose challenges.

Emmanuel Mwebe, the head teacher of Janan Schools, encouraged parents to support their children, especially in science subjects, to ensure a bright future for them. He attributed Janan Schools' success in last year’s UACE exams to their emphasis on science subjects.

The school's director, Mike Kironde, credited their success to the dedication of teachers and hard work. He expressed joy in their achievements and announced plans to further prioritize science subjects.

"We shall now put more emphasis on science subjects because we now know our students can excel in them," Kironde said enthusiastically.

One of their top performers, Meddie Mulimira, scored 20 points in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB). Mulimira expressed gratitude for his achievement and hopes to pursue Medicine at university.

"I aspire to study Medicine and Surgery at university, as it has been my dream all along," he said.

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